The Pursuit, Boise, ID

May 19, 2013


We were recently in Boise, ID. We had the amazing opportunity to design and install the sound lighting and video systems for The Pursuit a great body of believers who are committed to changing the lives of people in Boise. We are going to post a list of gear used at the end of this post but I realized something as we helped to turn this former grocery store into a place for believers to gather… A lot of work went into make this happen. But it really came to life on Saturday when members of the church came to clean, set up chairs and get things ready for Sunday. It’s the people who made this install sound and look they way we envisioned. The Church is people. Is not cool lights and thumping sound. Those things are just tools. God uses people.

Tannoy VXP12Q mains
Tannoy VNET18DR subs
Ashly 3.6SP Protea processor
Behringer X32 with 2 – S16 digital snake heads
Sennheiser wireless
Sennheiser IEM
Furman power conditioners

Martin MPC control
Ovation F165WW LED front lighting
Elation ELED TRI PAR56
Chauvet Opto Splitter

Edge Blending mod
Mitsubishi WD8700U projector with short throw lens
Atlona HDBaseT extenders
Matrox DualHead to go ME
Da-Lite 20′ wide screen



Personal Monitor Mixing

March 17, 2013

We are often asked questions about monitor mixing.  What should my mix sound like?  Do I need to mix some of everything? Why does it seem like I can’t get my vocal loud enough?

Let’s take some time and address these questions.  First, we need to make the assumption that your IEM (In-ear monitor) system is set up and configured properly.  Next, for vocalist, turn your own vocal as loud as you feel like you need it.  Notice that you probably have a master volume knob set your vocal channel to about 80% then adjust the master volume up or down so that your vocal is as loud as you will need it.  Then add in other vocalists so that you can properly blend and harmonize.  These other vocals need to be at a lesser volume than your vocal but still prominent.  Next, add in the instrument where you get your pitch.  Normally this is the Piano/ Keyboard or acoustic guitar.  This needs to be close to the same volume as the other vocalists.  After that add in an instrument where you will get your rhythm/ timing.  This can be the bass, a little drums or if you play to a click that will work too.  Anything else you want in your monitor mix needs to be at a lesser volume than these things listed.  A mix like this, as a vocalist will set you up to hear all you need to hear and ultimately give you the best opportunity for performance.  It is worth noting that some background vocalist may share one channel of your personal monitor mixer.  Use the same tips as stated above only your vocal and the other vocals will be at the same level.  This means the audio guy will need to listen to the mix and make sure all vocalists in the mix are balanced.  Then it is up to you as the singer to blend well with the other singers.

If you are an instrumentalist the mixing principles change slightly.  Your instrument needs to be at the same level or very close to the same level as the lead vocal.  Hearing yourself doesn’t do much good if you can’t follow where the leader is going.  Other than that bring in only the things you need.  Bass players need electric guitar, drums and synth pad in their mix, Drummers need bass and electric guitar in their mix, Synth Keys players need bass, electric guitar, bass and drums.  Electric guitar players need the other electric guitar to be just as loud if not louder than his own electric guitar because they need to make sure they don’t step on each other.  Electric guitar players also need bass a little drums and synth pad/ keyboards.  Make sure you also have enough rhythm tempo in your mix.  A click track is the best option.  Playing in time is key to a good overall sound.

The leader needs to have their vocal and instrument prominent in the mix but after that they need a little bit of all the things happening on the stage in their mix.  They are the leader and the one responsible for quality control.  

Keep in mind you are creating music not listening to your favorite record in your ears.  You only need to hear for reference so you can lead, play and sing effectively.  Everything else tends to just muddy up the mix.  We hope these tips help you to dial in the best possible mix.  For more information about audio, video and lighting systems and equipment check out



Marshmallows and the Holy Spirit

January 12, 2013

Normally, you would be reading a post from me about church tech, sound systems, stage lighting tips etc. However, today here is what’s on my mind. We, as Christ followers have power… a lot of power. I (Kris – @kristhesoundguy) have 2 year old twins, Lidea and Levi. They woke my wife and I up at 3 am because they were crying. We have been potty training them and yes, at 3 am, they decided they needed to go pee pee in the potty. Normally, we give them a little mini marshmallow as their potty treat and move on. This time I knew we would need a little extra incentive to get them back in their beds with out fussing and consequently back to sleep. After they both made pee pee I said, “I have your marshmallows. You need to lay back down in bed and then I will give it to you” I with held something that I knew they would want.  It worked exactly as I had hoped. They laid down, got their marshmallows and went to sleep. After this little 3 am pee pee encounter I got to thinking about Jesus and the disciples. Jesus gave the disciples power to do some pretty cool things while He was still with them, casting out demons, healing the sick, feeding the multitudes, the disciples were the ones doing these things.  But He with held something even greater until it was time for them to receive it. Jesus always operates under the power of the Holy Spirit but we as God fearing human beings have not always operated that way. Jesus, when he was about to be arrested, was clueing his disciples in on what the plan was. (John 14) He was going to send them the Holy Spirit who would empower them, remind them of all Jesus had done and would never leave them. So, Jesus dies for 3 days, raises from the dead (by the power of the Holy Spirit) and ascends to heaven and rejoins God the Father in heaven, that’s when He gives the disciples (and you and I) the “marshmallow”.  It was then that Jesus gave us, all of us who believe, the power of the Holy Spirit. Here is the thing that is just amazing me right now. The devil has only one thing to use against us – deceit. He can only mess with our thoughts and try to deceive us.  He has no weapons – really no power at all because of what Jesus did during the three days between his death and resurrection.  We have been given all power, all authority, all the things Jesus did so can we!  So, why do we walk around so often like we are defeated and powerless? Take the power and use it in every area of your life.  Claim victory over your church, over your worship team.  Claim victory when you feel like you just can’t get that mix right. Recognize you have the power of the Holy Spirit. Now go and act like it. It is amazing how attractive this power is to others who have not yet received their “marshmallow”.

Pizza, ACDC, and JJ Abrams

January 3, 2013

How to get volunteers and keep them volunteering


You might be asking yourself what does Pizza, ACDC, and JJ Abrams have to do with church tech? We will get to that.   But for as long as I can remember I have volunteered at my home church and enjoyed every second of it because of things like these.


As a Church tech director, worship pastor or pastor you know that volunteers are the most crucial and sometimes most complicated part of any area of church. Volunteers are needed because its just not possible nor a great idea to have a full time staff member for everything that is needed on Sunday morning. With that said it can be frustrating to work with people who aren’t paid to be there and many times especially in tech areas are not experienced in ways that a professional might be. It can also be frustrating when, for no apparent reason, volunteers start to drop of and no longer volunteer, or even leave the church. Then again maybe you are a volunteer yourself and you feel undervalued, or burnt out or maybe feel like you are just there to fill a spot and no one would really miss you. Maybe we need to really think about what the bible says about the purpose for volunteers is.


Ephesisans 4:15-16 we see that as we are saved and grow in Him, we become one body of Christ “Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ. From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”


So we are one body and then in Ephesisans 2:19 “Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household” we are one household.


So as one body and one household and in Romans 8:9 “ You, however, are not in the realm of the flesh but are in the realm of the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God lives in you. And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, they do not belong to Christ” we are also one in spirit.


In 1 corinthians 12:12 it talks about that this body one in spirit in the same household is made of many parts “Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” and that all these parts are one body with Christ


So lets just start again on volunteers with this attitude that we are all a part of the body of Christ, we are all in this one sometimes carpeted, folding chair, hymnal filled, coffee and juice stained household, we are one in Spirit and we all are different parts of the body united with Christ. So yes every person can have and should have a valued place somewhere serving in the church I am talking to leadership and volunteers here.


Now just for leadership, we are finally getting back to the title here. J. J. Abrams is one of my favorite film directors. He is my favorite not because of the specific movies he has made or how empty I felt at the end of LOST but because of something he does with his stories. He makes us feel like we are all a part of something much bigger than ourselves. This is what takes a boring volunteer job or group of volunteers and makes them a team that can conquer the world for Christ. When I was in college I directed a small quiz show for PBS. The crew of the show was not a bunch of seasoned professionals paid to be there but instead a group of new to TV volunteers. Early on, a fellow director taught me something called “The walk”. Every day before we started I made it my personal goal to greet every person on the crew at their position. I would talk to them, ask them about their job, tell them what they were doing well and give them some fun ideas on how to do their job even better. I connected with them and I built community. Usually, by the second or third week everyone was excited for me to come around and many times everyone would be in a group waving and talking when I entered the studio. This is not because I was a particularly great director but because I cared about them and I worked with them and took them from feeling like just a camera person to feeling like a crew and feeling like they had a common task I needed them all for. Notice I focused on three things, each person, their relationship together, and the importance of continually improving their skills.


Here is another idea for building community; its called pizza! Really lots of food works and actually I get tired of pizza and just ask Kris Johnson (@kristhesoundguy) another member of Sight and Sound Tech how he feels about Jimmy Johns sometime. A meal together really isn’t that expensive and helps community a lot. The church I serve in feeds us every time we walk in the building and wow we have certainly had some fun… the “hop scotch in the kitchen” Easter incident of 2010. The lesson here is pour into your volunteers, give them friendship, knowledge, food, and most importantly make it all about something bigger than just tech or greeting.


For the volunteers out there, I personally believe not only should we tithe of our finances but we should tithe of our other gifts and knowledge that God has given us. So, here it is… If you are reading this and you aren’t volunteering to serve in the church, you need to! Get in there and be a part of the body. If you dont feel connected it may be that you aren’t doing what gamblers call “Putting skin in the game.” You aren’t connecting yourself in a way that gives you some ownership in the body. Jump in and serve to serve. When my wife and I joined our church one of the first things I did was call and ask how I could serve in my area of skill on the tech team. Within a few weeks I was running camera and the presentation computer, and most importantly, getting to know the worship team. One other thing I want to stress with volunteers is “YOU ARE A VOLUNTEER” don’t work as a volunteer simply because you want to be payed eventually, don’t complain that you aren’t payed and don’t give the job anything less than your best because you aren’t payed. Remember this verse in Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,”. Why would you give service to God that is anything less than your best?


Last of all we are called to worship Psalms 99:5 “Exalt the Lord our God and worship at his footstool; He is Holy.” Part of worship is service and living as Jesus would and part of living as Jesus would is serving others so get in there have some fun and encourage the band to play ACDC every time the worship pastor turns around to talk during practice it’s hilarious! Comment bellow with some fun memories you have of volunteering or working with volunteers and be sure share your daily volunteer and worship team fun with @sightandsoundtech and @orangehatryan with the hashtag #volunteermoments .



Ryan Durbin

Sales, Install and Design

Sight and Sound Technologies



Thoughts on Church Sound Levels

October 19, 2012

There are some in the church who say, “Why does it have to be so loud?” I think we could just as openly and honestly also say, “Why does it have to be so soft?”  Aren’t there moments of both in the context of one worship service? If the loud is too loud for some then most likely the soft would be too soft for others. Correct? Worship is a choice. It is something we get to do as an extension of our everyday lives.  Worship is more than singing songs, more than drum kits with a drum shield or no drum shield.  Its more than an organ and more than an electric guitar.  It is more than 1 background singer, more than an entire choir.  We as human beings, followers of Jesus were created to worship.  We do this by presenting our bodies as living and Holy sacrifices, acceptable to God. (Romans 12:1)

In Matthew 18:20 Jesus says, “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” I noticed that is doesn’t say anything about the style with which we gather in His name, it doesn’t say anything about how loud or quiet we gather in His name. It simply says if we want Him there in our midst then we just have to gather in His name. The presence of the Holy Spirit is there.  The Holy spirit doesn’t need the volume to peak at 85db.  If the volume were to go louder the Holy Spirit doesn’t book it out of there.  There are places in the scripture where we are to be still and silent in the presence of God Almighty and then other times we are told to praise Him with cymbals and stringed instruments.  So many of us have made church services into this block of time where it is all about me.  I am here to tell you that it is all about Jesus… and you.  The focus just needs to be shifted.  If our eyes are fixed on Jesus and following hard after Him.  Then who cares if the volume is loud are quiet? Why are we so wrapped up over the volume of the worship service?  If Jesus promises that He, Himself is with us if we gather in His name then why don’t we just choose to worship Him whether the volume of the songs is loud enough or soft enough?

I was in a worship service recently and the guy running the sound knew that I was an audio engineer.  He saw me engaged in worship with my hands raised.  After the service he approached me and asked how it sounded.  I told him honestly that it was ok and proceeded to give him a few tips and things he could do to improve the over all mix.  He then said, “Seems like it must have be pretty good because I saw you really engaged in worship”.  The reality is I chose to worship my Lord and Savior because it is my joy to do so.  I worship God in any situation including mediocre mixes, when I think its too loud, and when I think its too soft.

There may be the argument that you have sensitive hearing, or the loud just hurts my ears.  That is fair. My response is this.  I have 22 month old twins.  A boy and a girl. My girl, Lidea has a set of lungs on her.  When she is crying I go and pick her up to comfort her.  When I hold her up to my chest her mouth is right next to my ear and it hurts my ear when she is crying right into it.  I have 2 choices. I can put her down and tell her its not worth it because she is hurting my ears or I can endure it because of how much I love her.  I also know that she will not keep crying for very long.  It is not a constant cry.  Do you see my point?  I think we should choose to focus on the right things.  If you like it loud then be thankful for the times during the service when the band is going for it and you have a lot of volume.  If you like it to be quieter then be thankful for for the slower softer songs that don’t get as loud.  No matter what just be thankful.  Be grateful for the things you enjoy not upset and complaining about the things you don’t like.  There is enough of that outside your church building walls.  God loves us unconditionally.  Isn’t it only fair that we worship Him unconditionally?

Brands we Sell

June 14, 2012

Here is a blog post detailing the lines we carry.

**Note – Our relationships are constantly growing.  Any Manufacturers you don’t see listed here just ask. We can get it.


American Audio






DAS Audio

DB Technologies




Elite Core Audio




Meyer Sound









Ultimate Support



Acclaim Lighting
American DJ
Applied Electronics
Elation Lighting
Global Truss
Martin Professional
Black Magic Design
Christie Digital
Other Companies
Clear Sonic
IAVI (Distributor)
JB&A (Distributor)
Liberty Wire and Cable
Road Ready
Solid Stand
TecNec (Manufacturer/ Distributor)

Joplin Bound!

July 4, 2011

The team from Colorado is ready.  The trailer is almost packed.  We will be on the ground in Joplin on Wednesday afternoon.  There is still much work to be done but the excitement is building.  I want to make you all aware of a few things.

First, if you are a church or organization that is serving meals everyday to volunteers and victims please consider taking off the dinner service on Monday July 11.  We would love to be the ones feeding you that night along with the people you would normally be feeding.   We are planning BBQ sandwiches with chips and a dessert.  We will also have cold drinks!

Second, please help us spread the word.  Hope and Healing-Night of Worship will be an amazing time of modern worship, restoring Hope and allowing God to Heal the people of this broken land.  We have flyers available for you to put up at your place of business, church or organization.  Please contact us if you would like some flyers.

The flow of the Night looks like this:

5:30 PM Event starts with a meal being served


Mercury Rising – Wichita, KS (

Jared Harder – Joplin, MO (

Gold Star Rebellion – Colorado Springs, CO (The Mountain Springs Church Band)

The Sonflowerz – Colorado (

Jared Anderson – Integrity music (


This is a FREE event open to the public in fact we would like for everyone in Joplin to realize they are welcome at this event.

God has been speaking to us about this event.  He is set to move in the hearts of the people of Joplin.  Lives will be changed.  This night has God’s Blessing all over it.  The question is are you ready to see God take a horrific situation, where a tornado ravaged the City of Joplin, and turn it around so that much good comes from it?  We believe this night will propel a movement of God on this city.  We hope you make plans to join us Monday July 11th starting at 5:30 PM at Landreth Park – Joplin, MO

The Road to Hope and Healing

June 30, 2011

Today was a very exciting day.  Each day we get a few more details worked out and in place to make July 11th a great night.  We pray for this event all the time.  One of my prayers continues to be, “God be glorified in what we are doing.  Don’t let me get in the way of what you want to do this night”.  We went to an organization here in Colorado and picked up 340 Bibles that were donated today.  We will pass them out to people who accept Christ at Hope and Healing – Night of Worship.  We also had 200 booklets donated that are a collection of scriptures all centered on hope.  The Ministerial Alliance is going to be sending out an email tomorrow to 160 churches and organizations in the Joplin area promoting and giving information about Hope and Healing – Night of Worship.  This is something very exciting because little by little the word is being spread.

If you have information about churches that were destroyed in the tornado please send it to me.  We want to make sure to extend a special welcome to these pastors and parishioners to Hope and Healing – Night of Worship.  Feel free to email me any information about how to contact these churches at  I know that we will probably reach them with the message being sent out by the JAMA (Joplin Area Ministerial Alliance) but I want to personally connect with these churches.

Today we got some more of the rental equipment taken care of. We also talked with Ozark Christian College and they are going to let us use their parking lot for our event as well as parking in and around Landreth park.  Today was definitely a day of very good news.

We can’t wait to have Jared Anderson, The Sonflowerz, Mercury Rising, Gold Star Rebellion and local Joplin artist Jared Harder all coming to play and lead us in worship to Heal and restore Hope.  For some it will be Hope for the very first time.  Please continue to pray for this event.  Pray blessings over all the volunteers.  Pray for the last $5-6,000 that we need to raise to come in.  Pray for the people to come and receive Hope and Healing.


Joplin worship event perfect timing?

June 19, 2011

I got an email yesterday from a lady who has a connection to all the churches in Joplin.  She is excited about Hope and Healing- Night of Worship in Joplin July 11.  She went on to tell me that on Sunday June 26th there is a  Public Memorial Candlelight Observance at the Campbell Parkway from 8-9pm. The Pastors & The City of Joplin are officially asking that flags be returned to full mast following the Service to publically show a sign that hope & healing has begun.  Then 2 weeks from that event is the worship night.  God is so good.  I wish I could accurately convey all the conversations I have had with pastors, city officials and tornado victims that have communicated the same message.

If you are contemplating getting involved with this amazing event.  Please know that you will be helping to facilitate a God breathed vision.  His hand has been active in the planing of this event – So much that I can honestly say I have never been a part of such an obvious move of God.

If you are in the city of Joplin this night is for you.  Please allow us to just bless you.  Please be willing to take a night off form the complete chaos that is part of your life, come eat a great smoked pork meal, take a deep breath and allow God to work in your heart.

If you are outside the city of Joplin then we would love your help.  Prayers are very much appreciated (see the prayer list at the end of this post) Financial support is very needed (confidential online giving, receive tax giving credit). We also would love for you to come and help us serve the people of Joplin.

Prayer needs

Pray for the people in Joplin that God opens their hearts that they receive all that God has for them

Sound system (we may have the lighting system shored up- Praise God)

Getting the word out

Financial needs

Pray God leads our team to the right projects that need our help while we are there


God Sized Vision

June 18, 2011

Today we have been working to follow up on connections, send emails, finalize details and on and on it goes.  I got to thinking about Hope and Healing- night of worship.  I went to the story in Matt 14:13-21.  It is a story I know very well.  Jesus feeds the 5,000 (BTW that was men only  not including the women and children).  I haven’t taken a lot of time in the past to really study this passage but there are a few key things happening here.  First Jesus is not the no who performs the miracle.  It was the disciples.  Jesus tells them that they are the ones to give the people something to eat.  The other thing I notice is the doubt that you hear in the voices of the disciples when they protest telling Jesus that they only have 5 loaves and 2 fishes.

I relate this story in the Bible very easily to what God has called us to do.  I think I realized just how big this night is when I was heading for a meeting with the guy heading up the food for Hope and Healing- night of Worship.  I was praying and asking God to give me the number of people that will be at Landreth Park on July 11th in Joplin, MO. God Said 10,000 people.  I prayed 3 times thinking that maybe I just heard wrong.  Each time God said 10,000 people.  Essentially God  is saying here is what I want you to do. Hold an event in Joplin, MO, get them all together, feed them and I will heal them.  Now that is a God sized vision.

The details are coming together. We still need continuous prayer. We are in need of funding.  We believe God is orchestrating every detail of this event and we are excited to be a part of it.  We need your help.